The First Week

The First Week

We had an amazing first week of camp. We had a great group of kids and many fun adventures. Our kids loved the field trips to nearby parks Van Dusen Botanical Garden and Queen Elizabeth Park. While there we made paper boats and floated them in the water, we also brought watercolour paints to and the kids painted in the garden.

Another highlight for the kids was our Coordination Challenge obstacle course. They had to carefully maneuver between the red string and chutes to retrieve the trophy and then sneakily carry it all the way back.

Throughout the week we had different Foods of the Day including watermelon, bananas, grapes and mango. The kids were always really excited to guess what the new fruit was, they learned cool facts about each fruit before getting creative with their food art. At OAC Kids Camp we strive for happy, healthy and creative kids, to do that we encourage our kids to play with their food! On Wednesday for example the fruit was grapes, the kids made incredible structures using grapes and toothpicks. On Thursday the kids were treated to multiple fruits. In the morning they learned about primary and secondary colours and made their own colour wheels. In the afternoon they learned that it is important to eat the rainbow to stay healthy and were assigned to find fruit for each color on the wheel. They then ate their rainbow fruit salad during afternoon snack time.

On the last day of camp our kids learned about helping others and their community by doing a service project, cleaning up a flower bed. The kids cleared all the dead plants and mixed in new soil before planting seeds.

After all their hard work they were more than happy to have a water party. The kids enjoyed a slip and slide but likely their favourite part was throwing water balloons and buckets of water on the staff.

We had such a great week and we can’t wait for more!

-Rebekah Maurice

Camp Activities Instructor





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