Meet Kevonnie Whyte – Vegetarian recipe enthusiast and Program Director for OAC Kids Camp.

Meet Kevonnie Whyte – Vegetarian recipe enthusiast and Program Director for OAC Kids Camp.

Meet Kevonnie Whyte – the newest staff member at the Oakridge Adventist Church (OAC) and the Program Director of the OAC Kid’s Camp. Kevonnie (you can call her “Kevz”) is a fresh graduate out of the University of British Columbia where she majored in Sociology. Originally born in Jamaica, Kevonnie has fallen in love with the city of Vancouver in the past four years – despite her well known disdain for its rainy weather, she considers the city her second home.

Kevonnie has a passion for investing in people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences and can often be found serving in people-centered settings, such as at OAC where she serves as the College Ministries Director. Moreover, this passion also informs her future career aspirations of pursuing a vocation in the field of human resource development.

Kevz also has an interest in health and healthy living. If asked, she will laugh and remark “How can you not….when you live in such a health conscious city such as Vancouver?” In particular Kevz has become quite excited about cooking healthy Jamaican vegetarian cuisine and will be quick to invite friends over to try her “Ital curry”- which is essentially a vegan Jamaican slow-cooker curry dish. Expect her step by step recipe demonstration on this blog in the future, along with more healthy recipe ideas, tips and tricks!

When she first heard of the OAC Kids Camp, Kevz saw it as the perfect opportunity to get her feet wet in a setting that involved these interests. As such, when she found out that she had received the position of Program Director for the camp she describes herself as being “ecstatic and extremely excited for the opportunity”.

The OAC Kids Camp is a 5 day body and brain boosting experience that will super-charge kids to feel their best with an emphasis on healthy lifestyle choices. Fun foods, novel nature-connections, creative challenges, group games, adventure activities and special skills are part of the weekly schedule that build friendships, confidence and resilience.

The summer camp runs weekly from July 10 to August 25, 2017, and till then, Kevonnie is busy prepping for all the fun filled activities which will be held during the camp. She describes her days so far as exciting, yet challenging, as she learns new things everyday! Nevertheless, when asked what is her favorite part of the job thus far, she will will reply without hesitation ”hands down, looking up new healthy, plant-based and kid friendly recipes on pinterest”. She continues by remarking that “this is what I would be doing in my spare time anyways… so it’s like killing two birds with one stone!”.

Kevonnie is looking forward to meet you and your kids at the OAC Kids camp! She will be armed with a big smile and lots of healthy snacks.

Registrations for the OAC Kids camp are now open! You can check out our website or email for more information.

See you there!

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