3 Simple Tips for Finding Childcare in Vancouver

3 Simple Tips for Finding Childcare in Vancouver

3 Simple Tips for Finding Childcare in Vancouver

Every parent living in Vancouver know’s how much of a pain it is to find affordable childcare. According to the West Coast Family Child Care resource centre, there is only enough space for 20 to 25 percent of children in Vancouver who need it, leaving an overwhelming majority of children without care in the licensed, regulated market. The frustrating result is a 1-2 year wait list for most parents. Parents are even advised to sign up for childcare as soon as they find out they are pregnant! To make things worse, a recent survey showed that childcare costs have increased from two to four per cent in the last year – moving from $1408 to $1437 for monthly full-time care for an infant (6 weeks to 18 months).  

In light of these statistics, the ability to find affordable child care is a pressing need for many parents. Not to worry! We are here to help you navigate this daunting process. Here are three often overlooked resources to give you a head start on your search:

Neighborhood houses and Community Centres

A large portion of Vancouver’s neighborhood houses and community centres offer childcare on-site including both licensed group child care programs for school age and preschool kids as well as full time and part-time programs for infant, toddler and 3-5 care. Many of these centres also offer childminding services to offer care for young children while you swim or play!

Here is a list of community centers that offer licensed, registered daycare. Check them out by clicking on their links below and then contacting the centre directly.

Britannia Community Services Centre

Champlain Heights Community Centre

Creekside Community Recreation Centre

Douglas Park Community Centre

Dunbar Community Centre

False Creek Community Centre

Hastings Community Centre

Hillcrest Centre

Kensington Community Centre

Kerrisdale Community Centre

Killarney Community Centre

Kitsilano War Memorial Community Centre

Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre

Ray-Cam Co-operative Centre

Renfrew Park Community Centre

Strathcona Community Centre

Sunset Community Centre

Thunderbird Community Centre

Trout Lake Community Centre

West End Community Centre

West Coast Child Care Resource

This is a non-profit centre which offers information, referrals, resources and training to individuals and families who are looking for the best care for children. What’s great about this organization is that they maintain an online listing of all the licensed and registered childcare facilities in the City so you don’t have to bother looking anywhere else. They also provide a great referral service so you can obtain an unbiased, insider scoop on the best facilities for your children.

Check out the links below to find out more information:


  • British Columbia Childcare Map

This is a new online resource launched by the province last year to help parents to find open spaces for their kids by providing a virtual representation of the vacancies available at any of the 4000 licensed daycares across B.C and the level of training which the staff at each facility has. This map significantly reduces the time taken to research facilities by eliminating the hours taken to search online and make phone calls.

Check out the map by clicking here.

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